Cincinnati Audio /Video

We’re building a new vacation home in Florida and we’re looking for one contractor who can do our audio, video, security and energy-saving LED lighting and motorized drapes. Can American Entertainment Systems Inc provide everything we need?
Yes, we can and we’ll work alongside your builder, architect and interior designer in accomplishing all your goals.

We’re in the process of designing our new corporate headquarters in Cincinnati. Can your company provide our video conference room so that we can connect with our regional offices around the country?
Yes, certainly and we’ll merge the local corporate video conferencing capability with all your regional offices by duplicating that same basic system in each regional office. Your ROI will be realized with two years with what you’ll save in travel expenses alone!

We have a 1,500 sq. ft. area in our lower level that we’d like to make into a serious entertaining area for our family and friends. We love sports and movies. What ideas do you have?
Well, first I'd like to meet with your architect to discuss the interior requirements for a home cinema, an exercise room with video workouts, a full service bar with multiple video displays, a guest bedroom and bath with amenities, and a game room with a large flat panel, pool table…whatever you want.

Your company did all the audio and video in our home back in 2005. We’d like to upgrade all our video systems. What’s this we hear about these things called 4K and Ultra HD, and streaming?
4K and Ultra HD are actually one in the same. 4K Ultra HD is the new high definition video standard that delivers a stunning four times the resolution of today’s best HD. We also provide streaming of audio and video sources from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora and others by simply upgrading your existing network so that you can view whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want it throughout your home.

We want to build an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area with a pool, but don’t really know where to begin. How can American Entertainment Systems Inc help?
Over the past 25 years we’ve worked with a number of excellent builders and architects. We’ll bring those parties to the table and discuss with you the details of all that you want to accomplish: A roofed in area with Kitchen and fireplace, an all-weather flat panel TV and music system, a hot tub, landscape lighting and seating areas – yes, we do all that!

Our church is growing and we’ll be building a new sanctuary, auditorium and a learning center on land we’ve purchased. We’ve seen your work at other churches in the area and have been very impressed with all you’ve done. How can we work together?
First, we’ll meet and discuss all that you would like to accomplish. We provide everything to do with audio-visual displays, sound, energy-saving LED room and stage lighting as well as phone, security, and networking for all the areas you’ve mentioned including learning aids for the classrooms in the new education center. So, let's get started!